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Salt Lake City

Good Company with a Couple of Glitches

Posted: 717 days ago

We chose SMP because we wanted to support a small family-run business. We signed up for the 3-month plan. The toys are OK: we have a Shih Tzu puppy. The snacks were less appealing as we could not use them as quick as they came, wanting to control our puppy's diet. We had a few problems with toys that broke quickly, but that was resolved.

This is probably my fault, but I was surprised not to get a warning that my prescription was about to renew. I asked them to refund it but, instead, the charge remained AND I did not receive my Oct package. That has since been fixed.

Overall, a good company, but unless your dog is going to destroy all the toys, within a few months you will have more than a dozen toys and many opened snacks.

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