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Beautifully Designed Box set 4 your Pet

Posted: 912 days ago

A very well curated gift box for your furbabies! Duke ( my dog) loved his box! What he got was: * All Natural Turkey Neck chew - smell was exactly as expected and not pugent at all. He savored some pieces and devoured other bites! * Acorn Squash-Sweet Potatoe - organic treat that all 3 dogs! Yup all 3 ate and asked (begged for more) Gone in 1 sitting for 3 * Pumpkin Pie cookie- looked better than the cookies I buy myself at the bakery - WOW- infact as a pet enthusiast I did try a corner! For a dog treat extremely well made/ tasty and Duke loved it- he didn't wanna share! * Squeaky Plush bone- he didnt lay on it! He wanted it to be his new fetch toy LOL * Trick or treat toy- worked excellently on a flirt pole for all 3 dogs exercising experiences Their customer service was prompt to respond - and shipping was quite quick - Im impressed

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